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What Did He Say?

I’m so excited! I wrote a letter to a famous person, and they wrote me back! Don’t you love it when that happens? (Yeah, truthfully, it’s my first time, too.)


Here’s my letter to Santa, which is followed by his reply. Read on! 


Dear Santa,

Hope you are well and enjoying this busy season. I won’t waste a second of your precious time. Here’s what I’d like you to bring me, and everyone in the entire world, for Christmas this year.


Let’s get metaphorical. This year I’m asking for pathways to justice, employment, shelter, food, healthcare, and to all wonderful things - like the outdoors.

All these pathways have to be accessible and equitable for everyone. I also wish for liberty for all, like we’ve been promised all along, so that everyone can choose the pathways that work for them.


Thank you, Santa, for reading this, and for delivering those safe, fair, and equitable pathways to everyone in the whole wide world. I have faith in you!   Love, Jorie Kramer


Here’s Santa’s reply, verbatim: 


“Dear Jorie, my Christmas wish is to have a fair and just world, too! Unfortunately, I can’t just lay a finger aside my nose and make it happen. Believe me, I’ve tried! 


I’ll keep working my magic, but you need to help me from right where you live. 


Here’s what you can do:


Speak out.

Read books by BIPOC authors to learn history and take accountability.

Act kindly and fairly to all. 


I’ll be doing the same, and together, we’ll make our wish for liberty and justice for all a living, breathing reality. 


Love, Santa. 


P.S. Creating accessible pathways for everyone is also going to involve 

restoration and reparation. I’m putting those two R words on our Christmas to-do lists, as well.”


Santa’s right. If we put ourselves to the task of creating a fair and just society, and stick together, we can do it. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


May your holiday season be filled with health, peace and glowing, beautiful experiences.  


Thanks for sticking with me this far! I’m working on a new book of essays coming in 2024. Stay tuned for details.


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