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Jorie and Mark along the icy Poudre River.

Happy New Year, ya gorgeous animals!

I saw the tagline, “Happy 20-20MORE!”  in an ad the other day. I don’t remember what they were selling, but the tagline stuck with me and is the fun inspiration for my first blog of 20-20MORE!

It’s great to want more out of life. It’s not being greedy or selfish to want more of the things that expand your core values. It’s not even wrong to wish you had more money, or more health, or more friends, as long as you’re practicing gratitude and radical acceptance of what you do have. But, those topics are the purview of other writers and philosophers. I love to talk about them, though, so message me if you want to chat about them and I’ll share what resources I have.

Here are the things I’d love to see more of in 20-20MORE!

More community celebrations. Let’s go to more concerts in the park (or by the CSU Lagoon), and cultural events (like BIPOC Alliance’s Day of the Dead observance). These celebrations of art and music fill my soul with joy and gratitude and I feel so wonderful watching the people around me experience the same. We need to take advantage more often of these amazing opportunities for finding communal gratitude and joy. 

More connection with everyone I encounter. Look at the person standing next to you the next time you’re waiting in line. Think about how you are made of the same stardust as they are. Remember that they are created in God’s image - just like you! They breathe the same air and stand under the same sun. Doesn’t matter their politics, religion, or which football team they cheer. WE. ARE. ALL. CONNECTED. 

More civil discourse. Let’s face it, 2024 is shaping up  to be a brutal year politics-wise. Let’s make a pact to not engage in lying about people or groups. Let’s not call each other names. 

More community cohesion. See the first three items I want more of because that’s how we’ll build community cohesion. We need community cohesion to keep democracy strong and peace-filled. If we join together to celebrate, and talk to each other with grace even when we disagree hugely, if we look for common ground and connections, our community will be vibrant and strong. Everyone will have liberty and justice.

More peace and joy to the whole world.

May 2024 bring you more of what makes you authentically, unapologetically, and happily you. Thanks for reading!

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