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I have orbited the sun 63 times. Sixty-four times if you count my birth year, and we probably should. 

I am an elder. 

I am pro-aging.

I am aging proactively.

I go by she or they. I kind of like calling everyone they, always have. Grade school teachers used to correct me on that all the time.

I am married (44 years to more-or-less the same guy), have two adult children and six grandchildren.

I am pro-people. All are welcome here. I mean it.


I talk about aging and how we can do it well, religion and politics, race, gender and sexual orientation issues.

I'm going to try to trigger you. But my provocation is meant to further discussion in order so that we may both grow and learn.


Feel free to e-mail me if you disagree or agree. I may publish your comments here.


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