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Summer Vacation – Or - How I Learned to Be Fully Satisfied and Still Want More

I only had 3 1/2 days to vacation at a secluded mountain cabin this month with my family. This year, the crew included my husband, our oldest daughter and her wife and their two kids, and my two dogs. In my bullet journal, I set some goals for this quick cabining retreat: Have prayer on the rocks every day; play with my grandkids; go for a long hike with the fam; eat outside a lot. Do all that while staying relaxed, resilient and grounded.

Mission Accomplished! My cabining goals were met beyond measure.

  • I fit in solitary contemplation on the rocks every day, often in bits and pieces between rock climbing sessions with the grands.

  • We hiked the Homestead Trail in Hermit Park Open Space. It’s an easy, pretty trail that doesn’t really go anywhere. Still, the little kids (ages six and almost four) made the two-mile roundtrip with no tears and no balking. I was proud of them!

  • Even when we weren’t eating outside at our picnic table nestled between glorious rock formations, the windows of the cabin provided amazing views of mountains in the distance, I felt as if I were outside.

  • Everyone pitched in on the chores, allowing all of us time to relax. My proof of that – the young folks cleaned the cabin and packed our truck before we knew it was being done.

Despite biting flies and two sleepless nights, I’d go back in a heartbeat with these people, and bring the rest of our family, too!

Is it possible to leave a vacation before you’re ready to go home, yet at the same time, feel absolutely and completely satisfied and content?

I imagine so.

As I locked “our” cabin door for the last time, I yearned to stay longer, but my heart said it was fine to leave. My soul felt relaxed, my spirit refreshed, all because of my beautiful family and the time we spent together in this beautiful place.

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