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Seeking Silver Bullet Unicorns

Photo by  Honey Verma  on  Scopio

Turns out that I'm good at something - losing weight! I've lost at least 150 pounds over the last few years. But, there's a downside to that. Turns out that I'm even better at gaining weight than I am at losing it. And when it comes back, it brings lots of extra reinforcements.

Last March, right before the shut-down, I decided to do something about my weight gain. I had gained back about 20 pounds of the 50 that I had shed four years ago. So, I pumped the breaks and joined Noom ( and Aaptiv ( and am now down 33 pounds. But, more importantly, I can get up and down off the floor by myself and that little trick is getting easier and easier for me, even with arthritis and extra-long tendons that don't hold my knee caps in place.

How do I maintain this healthy weight I'm at now? I want a unicorn to appear that will lead me to where I can eat well but not pack on the poundage. I want a silver bullet that slays my demons of self-doubt and self-sabotage. I seek the Silver Bullet Unicorn!

I don't do this just so I can look thin. Although, ain't gonna lie, that does help with the old self-confidence. I'm putting in this hard work now because I'm convinced that what I do in my 60's will help me age well into my 70's and 80's and beyond. I want to age proactively and do it the best that I can.

I'm looking for others who also seek the Silver Bullet Unicorn, regardless of your age. Is that you?

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