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My Grandson Shows He Loves Me

My teen grandson would like me to postpone my death for as long as possible. On that, we're in total agreement.

Where we disagree is how I'll go about postponing death.

"Nana, quit aging!” Caleb admonished me the other day.

“Nope, not gonna,” I admonished back.


“Because think about it, what happens if I’m not aging?”

“You stay the same age?” he suggested hopefully.

“If only. But it doesn't work that way. If I’m not aging, then I’m dead! Everyone ages from the day we’re born. To not age is to not be alive.”

“Nana, don’t quit aging!” Caleb admonished again.

“I’ll try my best,” I promised.

Pictured: Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye and his mom, Mary McDonald Oakley

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