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Am I the hero or the beat up guy?

Every time read the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10), I have identified with the hero. I'm that amazing guy who swoops in and saves the hapless traveler, demonstrating courage and wisdom as I generously care for the beat up guy.

Today, though, was different. I could only identify with the beat up guy. It's been a helluva two years for me, two and half really but who's counting?

If it hasn't been a punch, it's been a roundhouse kick. Or a body slam. I won't reiterate all of the hits - but you've taken the last few: Covid-19. George Floyd. Elijah McClain. Racism and homophobia on rampant and proud display in our great country. A White House resident who refuses to play the role of unifier. The bungling of the Corona Virus pandemic.

We are all lying curled up and battered on the side of the hot Jericho Road.

But, I sense a shadow fall over my face. A gentle hand wipes the blood from my forehead and pours oil onto the gaping wounds. A strong arm carries me to a safe place to heal.

I have that faith for our nation. We will survive the Resident. Democracy, equality, justice and liberty for all will prevail. We have Help. We have each other. We can do this.

Stay in the safety of the inn for as long as you need. But you are no victim. You will rise again to work to defeat the people who want to defeat democracy, equality, justice and liberty for all.

Image: Gustave Dore, The Good Samaritan

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